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Ionic Cookbook

If you are a front-end developer and want to take advantage of your existing mobile application development skills to develop cross-platform mobile apps, this book is for you. You will build up your Ionic knowledge with in-depth recipes on Angular.js, Cordova, and Sass.

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What You'll Learn

First App with Ionic 2

Introduce the Ionic 2 framework and provides instructions for setting up the development environment and quickly creating and running the first app

Adding Ionic 2 Components

Walk through some examples of how to manage pages, states and overall navigation within the app

Leveraging Angular 2 Building Blocks

Take a deep dive into Angular 2 component, directive, pipe and shared services

Validating Form and Making Http Requests

Explain how to create a complex form with input validation, retrieve data via REST API calls and integrate with Stripe for online payment

Adding Animation and Binding Gesture

Provide instructions on how to embed video as background, create physics-based and CSS animation and bind gesture to animation state

User Authentication and Push Notification Using Ionic Cloud

Take a deep dive into registering and authenticating users using Ionic Cloud and sending and receiving push notifications

Supporting Device Features Using Ionic Native

Explain how to use Ionic Native to access native device functionalities such as camera, Social Sharing, In-App Browser and map

Theming the lab

Provide instructions on how to customize the app for different platforms such as iOS, Android and Windows Phone using Sass variables

Publishing the App for Different Platforms

Provide instructions on how to perform the final steps of getting the app published

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Easy to follow

A step-by-step approach to cross-platform mobile app development explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic explains individual feature or component of Ionic 2 and provides extra details for readers to come up with custom solutions based on real-world applications.