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Ionic Cookbook

If you are a front-end developer and want to take advantage of your existing mobile application development skills to develop cross-platform mobile apps, this book is for you. You will build up your Ionic knowledge with in-depth recipes on Angular.js, Cordova, and Sass.

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What You'll Learn

First App with Ionic

Introduce the Ionic framework and provides instructions for setting up the development environment and quickly creating and running the first app

States & Navigation

Manage views, states, and the overall navigation within the app. This can be done via either the AngularJS UI-Router or the out-of-the-box Ionic directives

Device Features Support

Use ngCordova to access native device functionalities such as camera (photo and video), the contact list, e-mail, and map

Offline Data Storage

Work with persistent data when the device is offline. You will understand the advantages and disadvantages of using Local Storage versus SQLite

Gestures and Events

Show how a touch event works in Ionic and how to process these events to create a better interaction or a custom component

Customizing App Theme

Provide instructions on how to customize an app for different platforms and create an introduction screen for your own branding

Extending Ionic

Leverage events from the core Ionic components or AngularJS directives and filters and use requestAnimationFrame for an improved animation performance

Firebase Authentication

Explain the different methods (Simple or Social Media Authentication) that can be used to authenticate a user and how the Firebase authentication system works

Firebase as Backend

Walk through examples related to storing and retrieving data, using Firebase as the backend. Also, you will learn how to manage and render large datasets

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Easy to follow

A step-by-step approach to cross-platform mobile app development explained in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each topic explains individual feature or component of Ionic Framework and provides extra details for readers to come up with custom solutions based on real-world applications.